Tuesday 11 June 2024 from 9:00 to 13:00 the Ancient Roman Baths will be closed to visitors due to the temporary transfer of finds.

About us

The Forum Traiani Cooperative was established on February 12, 2001, by a group of nine skilled individuals aged between 25 and 40. Our main objective is to promote the Fordongianus area and provide a suitable service to the numerous tourists intrigued by the beauties of Sardinia’s hinterland.

To achieve this goal, we manage the Archaeological Area of the Roman Baths and the Casa Aragonese, offering guided tours in both locations every day. We organize exhibitions, conferences, and events to introduce visitors to the customs and traditions of the area. Additionally, we oversee the Is Bangius thermal facility, where visitors can enjoy therapeutic thermal baths. Last but not least, we specialize in educational workshops and activities for schools, offering a wide catalog dedicated to school trips.


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