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Our Educational Workshops and School Trips are addressed to children attending nurseries, preschools, primary and secondary schools. Forum Traiani Cooperative, with its ten-year experience in the cultural heritage management, offers a wide range of activities chosen for age groups, whose aim is to spread the Roman history of Sardinia. Our workshops are focused on Arts and Science, Biology, Environmental field, food and nutrition. 

Our offers are available all year long in the morning and afternoon (advance booking required). Furthermore, you can make a reservation at the local restaurants. By contacting the Cooperative, you can organize and book a full day school trip, including the lunch too. 

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us, by phone or e-mail. 

Let’s go to the Baths!

Theatrical visit

Once worn ancient Roman clothes, children and educators will visit the Roman Baths, discovering anecdotes about the ancient inhabitants of Fordongianus. At the end of the tour, you can taste the ancient Roman food. 

Laboratorio didattico alle Antiche Terme Romane
Educational Workshops: It’s still walnuts time

It’s still walnuts time

Educational Workshops

Through the workshop, we offer several experiences as playing and experimenting with old Roman items, introduced by an explanation. 

The mosaic

Educational Workshops

Through the workshop you can get to know this particular art that dates back to ancient times and that has always been employed in the creations of artworks: the mosaic. This workshop allows children to make their own mosaic. 

Educational Workshop about the mosaic.
Educational Workshops At school with ancient Romans

 At school with ancient Romans 

Educational Workshops

Through the workshop, the children can identify themselves with the Roman students by creating a wax tablet and experimenting the Latin script. 

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