Tuesday 11 June 2024 from 9:00 to 13:00 the Ancient Roman Baths will be closed to visitors due to the temporary transfer of finds.

School Trips

The Educational Workshops and School Tours organized by the Forum Traiani Cooperative are aimed at students from kindergarten, primary, and lower secondary school. With over 10 years of experience in managing cultural sites, we offer a vast range of interactive activities tailored to different age groups, designed to enhance knowledge of Sardinian Roman History. The educational proposals bridge art and science, biology, environment, food, and nutrition.

The educational program can be scheduled either in the morning or afternoon. Additionally, visitors can dine at one of the many restaurants in Fordongianus. It’s also possible to book a full-day school trip, including lunch.¬†

For further information on school trips and educational workshops, please contact us by phone or email.

Let's Visit the Baths

Target Audience: Primary school children – Groups of 20/25 students max.

During the tour inside the Ancient Baths site, the group, dressed in Roman attire, will receive historical information vital for understanding the structure, construction techniques, and its purpose. The rooms will recreate the typical atmosphere of a historical reenactment, with actors, period objects, and furnishings, allowing children to participate in the animation. The experience aims to familiarize children with aspects of daily life for ancient Romans, such as their approach to hygiene and body care. Visiting the baths also provides a deeper insight into the era’s lifestyle. The visit concludes with a small “Roman” snack.

It's Still Walnut Time

Target Audience: Primary school children – Groups of 20/25 students max.

Even in ancient times, games were considered essential for preparing individuals for adulthood and shaping their character. Through play, children engage with their surroundings, learning to handle various objects. Later, games help mold an individual’s character, teaching them to live in an organized society and respect rules, essential for inclusion in the group. At a time when many technological games isolate children in a virtual world, it’s crucial to remember that the most beautiful aspect of games is sharing. Children, dressed as little Romans, will play and experience forgotten pastimes, in an engaging and educational challenge, receiving a keepsake at the end of the experience.

The Mosaic

Target Audience: Primary school children (4th and 5th grade – lower secondary school) – Groups of 20/25 students max.

This workshop is an in-depth activity following a visit to one of Fordongianus’s most significant sites: the Roman thermal complex. It delves into the art form of immense importance in the ancient world, mosaic art, a defining feature of grand architectural works. The workshop aims to stimulate imagination, creativity, and manual skills. It comprises two phases: a historical presentation of mosaic art and the creation of a small mosaic using marble tiles and grouting.

Back to School with the Ancient Romans

Target Audience: Primary school children from the 3rd grade – Groups of 20/25 students max.

Throughout the workshop, students will discover methods and tools used by ancient Romans to educate and prepare students for adult life. They’ll test their dexterity and creativity in making a wax tablet and experience writing on ancient instruments, immersing themselves in the role of a Roman student. The objective is to make students aware of the importance of their education, learn about methods developed to pass knowledge to future generations, understand that knowing the past is crucial to facing present challenges, and practice manual and creative skills. Children can take home their creations.


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