Tuesday 11 June 2024 from 9:00 to 13:00 the Ancient Roman Baths will be closed to visitors due to the temporary transfer of finds.

Fordongianus is a historical and cultural gem, renowned for its rich archaeological and architectural heritage. Among its main attractions, the Ancient Roman Baths stand out, an extraordinary testament to the importance of baths in Roman society, with thermal waters that still exceed 50°C today.

Another of Fordongianus’ significant attractions is the Aragonese Housne, a building that represents a fascinating example of traditional Sardinian architecture enriched by Spanish influences, showcasing the cultural interaction that characterized the island’s history.

The Church of San Lussorio is another must-see stop, distinguished by its panoramic position and the use of vividly colored trachyte stone.

Another gem of Fordongianus is the Is Bangius Thermal Baths, built in the 19th century along the Tirso River, now offering an oasis of relaxation and wellness in a captivating natural setting.

These sites of paramount importance are managed by the Forum Traiani cooperative. For years, we have been dedicated to enhancing and managing the beauties of Fordongianus, allowing tourists to immerse themselves in the history of the region.



Ancient Roman Baths

Is Bangius thermal baths

Church of
San Lussorio


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